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TV Universe [28 Jul 2014|02:57am]


tv_universe tv_universe tv_universe

A landcomm, devoted to TV shows that is a little bit different. TV-based movies are also allowed, as are comics that continue a TV show. Come and play along! There are two teams, Dish and Bunny Ears. Tell them stellicidio sent you and join me on Team Dish!

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[13 Dec 2013|03:50pm]

dog_eat_dog_lj is an interactive Livejournal game.

**We are looking for players for the next game**

You have a 1 in 8 chance of winning a years worth of Livejournal paid time (No Ads for a year plus lots of other benefits).

You have a great chance of having fun and meeting new friends.

Check out the profile page for more information,

Or look through the game currently being played to get an idea of if you would like to join in the next game.

We would love to see you there!

So how does it work?Collapse )

[18 May 2013|09:49pm]


A new landcomm is almost here! UNIVERSE, THE wants you! Yes, you! It's a new generation landcomm, a landcomm on a bigger scale. Come check it out and be among the first to join! Phase One starts soon!

universe_the universe_the universe_the

Apply Today!

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do YOU like CUTE FREE & PR'd blinkies / backgrounds / icons / graphics for your LIVEJOURNAL!? [30 Oct 2011|04:11pm]

amortentiad is having a friend referral promo

be sure to read the rules

let her know that ALEX (cloudxsephiroth) sent you here
, pretty please!!

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[22 Oct 2011|06:52pm]


fandomverse fandomverse

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[HBO] PRÓFUGOS, Sólo unidos podrán sobrevivir... [19 Sep 2011|12:20pm]



[info]profugos [info]profugos [info]profugos [info]profugos [info]profugos [info]profugos

PRÓFUGOS (FUGITIVES) is the story of a failed drug smuggling operation that
starts at the frontier between Bolivia and Chile, the four men who meet
to carry out are the real actors behind the business. An intricate web
of ambitions, interests and corruption are the motors of this story,
where nobody is who they seem, all of them hides a past and they need to
join if they want to escape, all this ignoring from who are they

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[02 Sep 2011|02:16pm]


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Whedonland [08 Jul 2011|05:30pm]


whedonland is a team challenge community with a social-interface aspect.
Sign up!

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[04 Jul 2011|05:39pm]


scifiland scifiland scifiland scifiland scifiland

The new phase starts on July 6th, so now would be the perfect time to join.
Apply now, to join Team Hero, Team Sidekick, Team Anti-Hero or Team Villain!!!

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[08 Jun 2011|10:45pm]



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[08 Jun 2011|01:39pm]


Join fandomverse!!!
All Fandoms possible, movies, books, tv.


New Khal Drogo/Jason Momoa/Game of Thrones Fan Community--Join Up! :) [07 May 2011|09:11am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello all.

Just a heads up--I realized that there were many Khal Drogo/Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) lovers on LJ (including myself ;)), so I've created a new community dedicated to him! Fans of Khal (book, TV or both!) and GoT fans in general (book, TV or both!), please feel free to join!




Hope to see you there!

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[25 Feb 2011|10:11am]


custom graphics & personal requests by smokinlily

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Leverageland [29 Jan 2011|11:18pm]


Click the banner to join.

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[27 Jan 2011|04:59pm]


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[25 Jan 2011|09:16pm]

cosmopolitano - a custom graphics community run by me. :D
killerparty - blinkies & other pretties made by myself & other makers, run by the lovely flippant.
aviforss - graphics community run by jenny, she`s amazing !

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[24 Jan 2011|10:40pm]

A new apocalypse is starting again at spnland!

Don't miss it!

cite mycheesestinks as a reference!

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[22 Jan 2011|08:49am]


custom-made graphics by smokinlily. BRAND NEW GRAPHICS COMMUNITY. need at least 10 members to get started. my examples are on the community front page !

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[15 Jan 2011|02:38pm]

For all you Castle fans out there: now is your chance to join castleland as our fifth round is starting. This community is a challenge community, members are divided in 4 teams (Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito) and you're battling other teams to get the most points. Just click the banner to get to the community for more info.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Click here to apply straight away! Please mention watching_ghosts sent you :D

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[09 Jan 2011|02:01pm]


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Do you like Criminal Minds? Do you like puzzles? Drabble and graphic challenges? Other fun stuff?

Then you should join crimeland! It's a Criminal Minds land comm. You join one of four teams (JJ, Garcia, Morgan, Reid) and then participate in different challenges and earn points for your team. If you join, please mention watching_ghosts from Team JJ as your referrer. Thank you! :D 

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[20 Dec 2010|08:14pm]


If you're a strong willed young woman, and you want to meet other strong willed young women this is the place for you! Women only, 18+ community.

[16 Dec 2010|10:43pm]

Auctions for free stuff at Listia.com</a>

Awesome website similar to E-Bay, except you use credits you earn instead of money. The items are FREE and most shipping is FREE as well! You can find health and beauty products, clothes, electronics, cell phones, baby clothes, you name it! This is totally legit and I am a real person - not spam!

Click here to sign up: http://www.listia.com/signup/219610

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Two Communities! [30 Nov 2010|11:40am]

[ mood | awake ]

Allow me to pimp the two communities I have started:

stonerhousewife -A community for stoner housewives to post anecdotes, recipes, and other related material.

bedroom_confess -An 18+ safe community space for sex-related confessions and stories. GLBTQ and kink-friendly.

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[16 Nov 2010|04:54pm]

Pimping some of the communities that I moderate. Looking for new members to help keep the comms active!
Just a few general rules that apply to all comms : Politeness rules, No pornography or off-topic spam, and have fun! :)

weird_pix    Photographs that you have taken of weird things!
all_auditions   Theatre, film, dance, audition listings, worldwide
arts_events   - list your arts/ creative events worldwide on this comm.
budget_costume  - Making costumes and fancy dress on a budget
devon_england  - a community for anyone interested in the county of Devon, in England
ebid_users  - a community for people who use or are interested in the international auction website ebid.
grow_food  - sustainable living, growing vegetables, creating small holdings, producing your own food and whatnot.
sdp_theatre  - community for the awardwinning South Devon Players community theatre company - anyone interested in theatre and performance art is welcome to join to keep up to date with our news.
torbay_gb   - a community for anyone interested in the area of Torbay, in Southwest England.
stamps4charity  - listings of charities that collect used postage stamps, and where to send the stamps to
youtubes_of_me  - a community for people to post youtube videos that they have made

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join fae world; a lost girl community! [16 Nov 2010|06:25am]


JOIN faeworld
Don't forget to tell them juliet42 sent you :)
We're looking for awesome members in Team Dark Fae, so come along!
apply | profile | rules & info

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